Healthy Trees Equal Healthy Cities

Healthy Trees Equal Healthy Cities

Learn more about our tree preservation services in the Gainesville, FL area today

Trees are an integral part of the Gainesville, FL community—a part that should be protected. Gator Tree Service, Inc. works hard to provide that protection by offering a variety of tree preservation services to property owners in Gainesville, FL.

If you’re worried that your trees might cause property damage, but want to find a way to keep them, call Gator Tree Service today. Our urban foresters will assess your trees and come up with a preservation plan.

3 benefits of preserving trees in urban areas

Our cities will be healthier and cleaner if we preserve our trees. Here’s why:

  1. Trees filter a variety of pollutants out of the air, which is especially helpful in areas with a higher population density.
  2. Strategically placed trees can reduce AC costs and keep your city cooler.
  3. Trees help to prevent erosion and landslides.

Want to keep Gainesville, FL a beautiful, healthy place to live? Call 352-367-0017 now to learn about our tree preservation services.