We’ll Take Care of Your Trees Year-Round

We’ll Take Care of Your Trees Year-Round

We provide tree trimming and stump removal services in the Gainesville, FL area

Gator Tree Service, Inc. takes pride in our comprehensive tree maintenance plans. We offer a variety of services, such as fertilization, root pruning and weight reduction. We can even perform stump removals to keep your yard safe.

Not sure what your trees need? We’ll inspect each one and recommend the right services. Speak with a tree care specialist today to get started on your stump removal. We serve Gainesville, FL and the surrounding area.

3 benefits of tree trimming and pruning

Gator Tree Service can easily cut back your tree’s overgrowth, but to truly stay healthy, you should regularly trim the branches. Here’s why:

  1. Light tree trimming and pruning promotes healthy growth.
  2. If your tree is sick, we can trim off dead or diseased limbs to keep the illness from spreading.
  3. Keeping your trees trimmed will reduce your chances of damaging your property from falling branches.

To learn more about our tree trimming services, call Gator Tree Service today. We’ll add tree trimming to your maintenance plan at your convenience.